Alec Baldwin And His Pooches Aren’t Afraid Of Sandy

Alec Baldwin dogs
Storm Sandy is ripping her way through the east coast.  So what is a dog to do when nature is calling and there’s a torrential down pour outside?!  Well, if Alec Baldwin is your daddy you’re in good hands.

Alec Baldwin

Alec said “My dogs have to go to the restroom and I don’t care what the weather is outside.”

I love both of these photos of Alec and his dogs for numerous reasons:

1. He’s not even wearing a coat, he’s braving the rain like a man.

2. Who would have thought his dogs would have been so tiny?!

3. His dogs look like puppies, too cute!

Would you do what Alec did for his dogs or would you be considering an in house grass patch inside?


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