Adorable Puppies: Puppy Bowl Edition

puppy bowl 2013
Are you guys ready for the best part of the football season, Puppy Bowl?! Puppy Bowl 2013 is just around the corner and the players are looking good and ready.

Cattle Dogs
Okay so maybe some of the players need a little more practice before the game. This cattle dog is looking a little lost on the field. Someone needs to tell the coach that he would be a better player if his opponents dressed like sheep!

Puppy bowl
Look at these two! I want to say they’re running a play, but it actually looks like they may be lounging on the field. Where’s the Ref when you need him?

Pit Bull at Puppy Bowl
Uh oh. Looks like someone is taking the game too serious. Do I smell a little rivalry between the players?

Puppies at Puppy Bowl
Awwwwww! These two may be on opposing teams, but they can’t help being friends! Talk about good sports.

Two Puppies At Puppy Bowl
I like this play. It’s called distract your opponent with kisses!


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