World Record’s Most Expensive Dog Wedding Raises 50K For Good Cause


A new world record was set in New York City as the “world’s most expensive pet wedding.”  The matrimony between Baby Hope Diamond and Chilly Pasternak was quite extravagant, raking up a mind blowing total of $270,000.

“I am happy to announce that this is the most expensive pet wedding in history,” said Guinness World Records adjudicator Sara Wilcox, confirming it blew well past the previous record, a $16,421 ceremony for two cats in Thailand.

And it was a star studded event too. The dogs ate a buffet of Halo all-natural dog treats donated by talk show host Ellen Degeneres, while guests delighted in Hoboken “Cake Boss” bakery’s five tied wedding cake.

The nuptials …by Comic The Insult Dog:

“Baby Hope, do you take this pooch to love, not spend the night with, and advocate for animal welfare as long as you both shall live? If so, breathe heavily,” Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog, said during the vows.

“And do you, Chilly, take this purse jockey to be your wife? Katie Holmes is back on the market, and I don’t think it would be any weirder than her first marriage! If so, sweat through your tongue.”

“I now pronounce you dog and bitch,” he said.

How do you raise 50k at an out of control doggy extravaganza? Have people donate their time and services worth 50K to our friends at the Humane Society of New York.

Find out where all the rest of the hundreds of thousands went here.



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