Obie, The Obese Dog, Gets New Lease On Life!!

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Obie, an adorable Dachshund is on a mission to lose a whopping 40 lbs, relinquishing his title as world’s fattest wiener dog. Making his television debut on the Today Show this morning, the morbidly obese five-year-old dachshund weighed in at 77 pounds (40 pounds over what a standard dachshund should weigh) when his new mommy Nora Vanatta of Portland adopted him from the Oregon Dachshund Rescue.

A dog lover with two healthy and active dogs of her own, Vanatta first heard about Obie’s plight through the Oregon Dachshund Rescue on Facebook. A relative of the dog’s elderly owners pleaded for someone to help the 5-year-old over-fed doxie. Vanatta, who has a degree in animal science and is a certified veterinary technician, stepped up to the challenge and now faces the difficult task of getting Obie into shape. Placing him on a strict diet to shed the excess pounds, Vanatta is working with a dog food brand to feed Obie a low fat, high protein diet.

Despite the extra pounds, Obie is still in fairly good health although he cannot engage in regular exercise. Obie has been introduced to a special hydrotherapy regime to help him shed pounds now and when he loses a little weight, a treadmill will be added to his workout routine.

We know that Obie is not the only dog that suffers from obesity in America and hope his story will motivate other pet owners to get their precious pooches in shape. If you’re a mom or dad of a dog with a weight problem, please share your story with us and keep us posted on how your pup gets healthy. We wish Obie the best and will keep you posted on his accomplishments. Good luck Obie!




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