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The connection between a dog and their owner is unique.

Sometimes it is a great friendship, sometimes it is more like just good roommates, but other times it is like soulmates. We tell them we care all the time but putting those feelings down on paper isn’t how we communicate.

Photographer Robin Layton decided to ask a wide range of people to write their dogs a letter. Those letters along with her photos fill the pages of this delightful book. The letters range from detailed accounts of relationships to simple poems and statements of love. Drawn from the Letter to My Dog blog and joined by dozens of celebrity dog owners, the heartfelt letters share an emotional bond between dog lovers and their pets. The presentation is beautifully laid out, but what makes this book stand apart from so many other dog books is Layton’s photographs.

Images as unique as the individual dogs appear throughout the book and make wonderful statements about each one.

The combination of words and photos make this a truly amazing collection that would delight any dog lover.

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A Letter to My Dog, by Robin Layton, Chronicle Books, 180 pages, $28.95


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