IFAW’s Disaster Preparation Tips For Pet Owners

We hope you never have to experience a disaster, but unfortunately floods, hurricanes, wildfires and earthquakes can happen at anytime. It is important to be prepared. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) works with local communities to help them better prepare for future disasters. They have some essential disaster tips for all of you dog (and animal) owners out there.
According to IFAW, providing proper identification your pets is crucial in helping rescuers reunite animals with their families.
They also recommend putting together a “pet kit” for your furry friends with items such as:
  • Copies of vet records, licenses and vaccinations along with phone numbers
  • Picture of you with your pet
  • Pet First Aid kit
  • Medications and foods your vet has prescribed
  • Extra leash and collar with identification
  • Waste clean-up supplies or a small litterbox
  • Extra bedding and toys to make your pet comfortable
  • The IFAW reminds people to put important items and papers inside plastic bags for protection.

Another tip is to put an emergency sticker on your front window or door listing the number and types of pets in the home in case a disaster strikes when you aren’t there. IFAW says to take your pets with you if you have to evacuate. It definitely isn’t safe for your pets if it isn’t safe for you. You can access the entire 2012 IFAW Disaster Preparation Tips document here.


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