Michael Phelps Will Teach Dog To Swim

With the Olympic Games over, Michael Phelps is probably spending the majority of his time outside of the pool with his loved ones like Stella his adorable rescue. It looks like soon he’ll even be combining training and hanging with his pets because he plans on having his adopted dog Stella join him in the pool! That’s right: according to an MSNBC article, Phelps’ mother says that the Olympian plans on teaching his pooch how to swim.

Stella’s journey into Phelps’ pool began when the Olympian appeared on TODAY’s Bow to Wow segment back in December. Phelps was there to talk about his training, but wound up doing much more than that. After introducing and walking out a Catahoula mix that was up for adoption, Phelps felt a connection and decided then and there to adopt the shelter pup right after the show ended. Now re-named Stella, the Catahoula mix has joined the family and lives with Phelps and his other dog, a bulldog named Herman.

With Stella’s impending training, perhaps pet lovers can look forward to Phelps’ pooch participating in the pet Olympics, should they ever come to fruition. She is, after all, going to be trained by the master!


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