Dalmation Adopts Abandoned Spotted Lamb As Her Own

An abandoned lamb, who was rejected by its mother, has found love and nurturing from an unlikely source – a Dalmatian named Zoe!

At first glance, the lamb looks much like it’s “mother” as it sports a black and white coat. It takes most onlookers by surprise on second glance when they realize that the pup is a lamb!

The similar appearance has helped form a strong bond between the pair. Both live on a farm in Barossa Valley, Australia.

Breeders John and Julie Bolton state that the pair have been completely inseparable since they were introduced near the beginning of this month.

It wasn’t long before Zoe became protective of the young lamb. She is often seen licking and cleaning her adopted son. The young lamb doesn’t seem to mind either, as he trots along behind Zoe around the farmyard. He even sleeps inside Zoe’s dog kennel.

Zoe showers the young lamb with affection, as if he were her own.

“It is truly spotted,” explained Ms. Bolton. “Black spots on a white-base coat which is the same as a dalmatian.”

“Now the mother who doesn’t have puppies at the moment is actually cleaning it and licking it and mothering it and it tries to mother up to her udder.”

The lamb follows the dog but it gets its milk from me from the bottle.

“We’re not quite sure what we should call it, whether to call it a ˜sheep-matian or a ˜Dal-dorper!” John laughs.

We call it priceless.


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