Dear Naran,

A letter to my little girl,

When I came to New Zealand 5 years ago I left my family and friends behind for a boyfriend. I love my husband a lot but he can’t replace family/friends so to times I fault lonely, I started to doubt my decision to live in New Zealand but I knew that if I go back to my country I never would find a man like mien again.

So I decided to extend my family here in NZ and thought there would be no better way to start with a little pup. I told my husband about that idea but he was not really keen on getting a little pup, his words war a pup stinks, poops and pies on carpets and loos hair every where but I didn’t let go I wanted a dog. I could say what ever I wanted he wasn’t going to change his mind about a little pup. I then promised to even stop smoking for one. I think he thought that I never would make it so he said yes. It was some hard days but a few weeks later I was smoke free. I started to look on trade me I found so many lovely dogs on there, I showed my husband some but he didn’t like any of them but then I found that add it said Rough Collis/ Lassie pups.

I beget to go there and have a look at this pups just a look I said. When we finally arrived the breeder put one little pup strait in my arms, there you was that little fluff ball so teeny, I knew from that moment on that I had to take you home. After a good talk to the breeder and my husband the decision was made that I would pick you up 4 weeks later so you can spend some more time with your mum and sisters.
The time went by and you where finally home with me.

It took me not long to relies that you where a very shy little pup. It broke my hard to see that every think was so scary for you. After watching you a few weeks been so scared at every think. I decided that dog school would may help us or help me to show you that the world is not so bad you believed it was. After a few weeks visiting the dog school with you I all ready saw signs that thinks getting better but you where still not a happy pup. I was determent to make thinks better for you to make you to a happy pup. I started reading books and watched shows how to train a dog. I learned that thinks only get better if I don’t give up and keep walking with you and teach you the basic commands in a friendly way. So I stared doing Obedience competition work with you. 2 years latter and a lot of time walking and training with you I believe now I have a happy dog. I have a dog what wants to say hallo to other dogs and people. I’m so proud of you! It was not me teaching you to stay calmer and more confident it was you teaching me this thinks. You got me out there with are walks and the dog school, I found friends. Now that I writ this latter to you I relies that you changed my live and that you may even saved my relationship with my husband because who knows how much longer I would taken my lonely live. It is only because of you that I found friends.

There is only one think what makes me sad, when you lie there and sleep I think on all this poor dogs what haven’t found there perfect match and don’t live such happy live like you. I hope for that day when we humans stop being selfish and relies that we has to take the reasonability for are dogs and let them be are friends. So there can show us the thinks you showed me. Then we would not have humans who would hurt other beings, breed them for money or other stupid excuses. Or just get pets to relies a few month later we don’t have time for them. We would not need pounds or the SPCA; we would not need to put any pets a sleep then.

I want to thank you for all this thinks you done to me. I promise you that I will bee always there for you just like you will be always there for me and I wane thank my husband for let me be a crazy dog lady. ;-)


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