Dear Neo,

Oh, you are my black superman, my protector, I love you so much. Even if you whine when the weather is bad to get out and bike or play with the ball. You look after me and Kiki, especially at night. Kiki’s hearing and your mighty bark would scare anyone off. For big black mastiff, you are powerful and strong and yet so gentle with my grandchildren. Your big sloppy kisses that no one but your mother could love are given when you know your mummy’s feeling a bit down and flat for the day. Always cheers me up, makes me laugh and gives me a smile. I’m pleased I saved you, and hand-reared you from 4 weeks old. Not enough food for all in your litter. Rejected because you came out with a ridge on your back, you are my unique black mastiff. My black superman, I love you to pieces and am grateful that you share my lonely life, for without you and Kiki, life would be nothing … I love you Neo, with all my heart. Thank you for sharing your life with Kiki and me.

Much love from your mummy.


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