Dear Kiki,

You walked in my drive with a shoe lace around your neck, because you used to run away. A little white ball of fluffiness. Not my type of dog , but I picked you up and felt your ribs and knew you needed a mummy to look after you. You were smelly, dirty, and very hungry. Easily fixed with a bath, a trim and a good feed. People laughed at me and told me you would be mince meat for my big black mastiff. But that’s not been the case, he loves his little blond bombshell. I’m so proud of you. You can run 2 kilometers and then come up from behind and nudge me on my leg to let me know it’s time to get in your basket. I put you in the front of my push bike. It has taken awhile but you don’t run away anymore and feel safe going out at night with your big black mate. After so many homes, I know you have found your forever home, with him and me. I have learned that it’s not the size, but the spirit that counts. You are worth every gram of weight that you weigh for the amount of gold that you deposit in my heart. I love you, little Miss Easy Rider … my kiana, Miss Kiki girl. From your mummy … I love you.


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