Dear Smokey,

I will never ever forget the day you picked me. We had lost your brother Rhett, another wonderful dog, a week before. Auntie Mary said she had seen a report on TV about a man that had a farm and had many rescue dogs he was looking for homes for. Daddy and I went to the farm and while Daddy was down the lane talking to Mickey, the nice UPS driver who saved dogs he found along his route, you picked me.
I will never forget leaving something touching my leg and looking down and seeing you looking up at me while you patted my leg. Your beautiful brown eyes said “will you be my Mommy?”. I knelt down and started patting you and the rest is history. You are the best dog in the world. You are my heart dog. You are sweet and funny and so loving and handsome. You are so snuggly. You love me more than treats. Thank you for picking me. I love you Smokey.

Love Mom


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