Dear Laurie,

My lover, my life, my joy, my everything! My dear sweet Laurie, you came into my life on a warm, sunny day with cotton blowing in the air in the countryside of Texas. Little did I know I had found my precious daughter who would show me what real love actually is. You are the embodiment of perfection. You did everything that was ever asked of you and more. We loved each other with full completeness. You were my baby girl and you let me love you, cuddle you, dress you up and give all my love. You loved me far more than I loved you. I have never met anyone with such an even temperament and not ever did a bad thought enter your mind. You and I loved doing everything together from shoveling the sidewalk to sleeping in bed. We always slept touching and if one of us accidentally rolled away from the other in the night the one who noticed quickly snuggled back up to the other. When I got very ill and you were blind and deaf from a car accident you would find your way upstairs and into my room and let me know you wanted to be with me. When you were diagnosed with valvular heart disease I slept every night with my hand on your heart feeling it beat. When the vet poisoned you with a contraindicated medicine I prayed so hard that God would heal you. I was with you every minute of those last three days until the vet was successful in killing you. When you took your last breath at 6:20AM a big piece of me died with you. My life will never be the same and I am tortured by the loss of you. I pray you are in heaven with God my sweet, sweet lover, Laurie! Thank you for the 17 and one half years you gave me.


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