Dear Dakota,

You have been the best companion a man could have ever asked for. There is no other word that can come close to describing the relationship we shared. We looked after each other and our friends. We shared the best of times and we shared the worst. Remember when our best friend Rich was sad and we were so far away? We sent him a photo you, and now he works in his office with your picture sitting above him. You taught me the simple things, like the fact that there is no problem so great that it couldn’t be solved with a tummy rub, and the big things, such as there is no hole in life so deep and so black that it can consume you and swallow you whole, not so long as you have a companion like you to help guide you out. But cancer shows no respect for friends or family alike, and in the end you taught me that the easiest choices to make can be the hardest things to do, and that a heart break can only come from having known great happiness as it is a true expression of love. So together we shared your last breath, and I held your head in my hand as the fear and confusion of your last days dwindled. That evening, Taylor, who’s only four, asked me if you were with Granddad in heaven. I told him that if there was a heaven, that you would be there, but, for me, you would always be with us, in our thoughts and in our memories, running like thunder through our hearts. So I write this letter to say I love you, but you already knew that, and to give thanks as well as honour your memory. Yet no matter how lyrical the prose I write, or how eloquent the words I use, they could never convey what I feel, just a hole in my life where you lived and a happiness in my heart where you now reside.
Dakota Bevan – October 23 2003 to April 03 2012

Posted by Terry


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