Dear Nemo,

You were the light of my soul. To this day I am still hurting and that is understandable. Is a pain that will never go away. I chose you from a litter of 8 puppies. I was there when you were born and placed a blue ribbon around your neck to make sure you were mine. We called you Nemo, because we searched for you and it took us a long time to find you. We wanted you to be perfect. And you were. For seven years you were my most precious possession, my friend and my child. You knew when I was sick, you knew when I needed to talk to someone and you accepted me as I am with all my faults. I never had to scold you or punish you because from a young age you knew I loved you with all my heart. I was so glad to get home so that I could have your wonderful kisses and hugs and to this date I can close my eyes and I see you just as I saw you for many years. I remember how much you loved the beach and every time I go, I cry. I fed you real food when no one was looking and that was our secret. I celebrated April 5 for you just like we did for 7 years. I even ate a little ice cream in your honor.

Your illness was short and I am thankful that you did not suffer much. You died on my birthday and I feel that having died on my birthday, you were trying to make it special so I would never forget him, as if I ever could.

We had to make the decision to let you go in peace. You were suffering and would look at us with your eyes glazed knowing that we were there to hold you and love you until your last breath. It came so sudden that we did not have time to get use to the idea of life without you. I have your ashes next to my bed where you slept. I have your picture and look at it every night and I pray that I will meet you at Rainbow Bridge so we can be together again.

I will never forget you and though I have adopted two Bichons, no one will ever compare to you. I wish I could be there to hold you and take care of you. You will always be in our hearts forever and remember that you were my special child!

I love and miss you and you will forever be My Nemo.


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