Dear Baby Girl,

It was an honor and privledge to have you as a family pet and member. I remember the day we got you clearly. It was at the animal shelter. You were happy to see a loving people like us. You came to us wanting you to be picked up. And show you alot of loving. So we decided to adopt you. You were very happy to have a wonderful home. And you knew it. We had a blast with you as our house dog. I remember bringing you home you told us when you got into the house that you belonged there. And you do. You got exited when we got home. You told us you loved us by standing up on our legs wanting us to pet you. I remember you wondering off sometimes. And I admit you were in trouble for that. Because we love you and did not want you to get hurt or die. That day my dad got sick with COPD. You never left his side. And I wanted to thank you for that. It ment alot unto me. You really showed you had a big heart. I thanked God everyday for you. Now your gone and we really miss you. You passed on from old age. And now your not suffering no longer. Your in Doggy Heaven with your family. I admit we constantly think about you everyday. I even look at your grave alot. And still think of all the good times we had with you. You were a great friend. And great pet. And an even more great family member. Baby Girl we all love you and miss you deeply.


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