Dear Emma,

My precious Emma, we were in a taxi in China headed out to do errands when we spotted you cowering behind the front tire of an abandoned car. My friend said, “You saw that, didn’t you? We have to go back, don’t we?” You could not have been more than 3 or 4 weeks old, starving and shivering in the December winter. I called out to my teenage son to run and get some Chinese “meat candy” to coax you out from under the car. You were so afraid – we couldn’t tell if you were shivering from the snow or from the fear. We bundled you up, fed you, and took you to the Chinese vet. We were not sure you were going to live. Through a translator, I kept asking, “what kind of dog is it?” And the vet repeated time and again, brown dog.

We fed you yogurt, I cooked you eggs and soft things, and you drank lots of milk until we could get you to eat real food. The vet said you were the luckiest dog in China (to not be eaten or killed on the streets) but, we knew we were the ones blessed to have found you! I’ve always wanted to adopt a little girl from China, and the Lord knew I needed you!
We struggled with your health, even your legs that started to grow bowed, and we fixed whatever came our way. When we had to move home to San Diego in the summer, we were told that it was time to just set you loose on the streets again, that is how it is done. But, that was never an option. You were headed home to America as part of our family.
We had to figure out getting you through customs and all the restrictions. You have three passports, traveled via car, taxi, train, and plane – you are so brave to survive all that!!! I know you are still scared in public and with strangers. But, to me, you are the bravest in the world!
People say we were there to rescue you – but, you rescued us, too! We were a world away from home, and you brought us the comfort of home – American culture of having a dog.
Now you are a Chinese American and LOVE running and playing on Dog Beach in San Diego. We got you a new puppy, Elias, who is helping you learn to be a dog, not afraid of ANYTHING – and I know you can do it. And we are working on writing your story in a children’s book to inspire others!!! You inspire me and everyone that meets you! I love you, my Emma “made in China.”


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