Dear Jenny,

When your grandpa Joey saved you from that horrible outside ‘shelter’, your days were numbered. When the ‘shelter’ found you, you were wandering around on the streets all alone and for some reason, no one wanted to adopt you. You had been at the shelter too long, and they were going to shoot you!

Grandpa Joey saw something in your sweet face though, and instantly wanted to take you home. The only problem was that there were already three rather large dogs at home, Fred, Jack, and Sugar. He wanted to keep you, but he decided to give you to me & daddy as a wedding present. It was the best present we got.

You were sweet, but not very affectionate, every little thing scared you, and It made us sad to look at all the scars on your face and legs from when you were alone on the streets.
As the weeks turned to months, you adjusted to life with us. We showed you what it is like to be loved, and earning your love in return made us feel so special! We know it was hard for you to trust us, and watching your devotion for us grow only fueled our love for you! Even Grandpa Joey noticed how different you were! He says we made you loving, but I think we just helped you know its okay to love.

We’ve had you almost a year & a half now, and coming home to your happy face everyday warms my heart. I couldn’t imagine my life without you, my sweet little Jenny :)


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