A Video to My Dog

I filmed this video for my dog and with my dog, Monkey. My little rescued pup. xoxox from Robin (on the road shooting dogs)!

“Something Good” – Directed/Photographed by Robin Layton from Robin Layton on Vimeo.


  1. Nancy Bouton says:

    What an absolutely adorable video to your/about your dog! If your dog was a bit shorter, he would look a lot like our dogs, who are dachshunds. The behaviors and playfulness of your dog is something we experience as well with ours! However, your pup appears to of had acting classes!! Boy, does he shine for the camera!!
    May you have a zillion years left with your fur-baby! Oh how I wish our animals lasted forever and ever!

    Thank you for sharing your skills!
    Lincoln, Ne

  2. Mariola says:

    THANK YOU for sharing that WONDERFUL video!I cried happy tears because my little boy Bonjuk is a Jack russell terrier and everything Monkey did my boy does too! what a blessing they truly are.

  3. Amy Lynne, OHIO says:

    what a cute and adorable way to show your appreciation for your pup. He looks just like my diva, Maya minus the tail. Your creative juices totally showed how much you love your pup. Best wishes to your pup and yourself on a successful and happy life.

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