A Letter to My Dog (Owners)

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for submitting such wonderful, heartfelt letters to your best furry friends. Reading each letter was a joy, full of laughter and some tears. It was a tough decision choosing just 25!

There is a common thread in all the letters — your dog had really rescued you. I always thought that rescued dogs have a special knowledge that they have been spared and are grateful for the second chance. It really seems we have been “hand-picked” by our dogs — when we all thought it was the other way around. They help us through the most trying times of our lives, like moving to a new place, battling depression or finding sobriety. They lick our tears away and remind us how we are loved and needed.

Dog moms and dads who have lost their beloved pets recount precious times they had together. Their letters are testaments to love, understanding and patience between dog and man.

From the first time we look into the eyes of a new puppy or dog, we make the ultimate connection of love and devotion. Even if our dogs start life in difficult circumstances, they somehow find their way into our lives, where they are adored and treasured.

I know we don’t “talk” to our dogs in “words,” but we talk to them with our hearts — and don’t you think that is more important?

Keep those wonderful letters coming in! We love to read and share them.

In the meantime, look for cool dog accessories, more dog portraits and follow my adventures as I finish up my book on Facebook.

Thanks to all of you and your wonderful dogs!

Robin Layton


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