Dear Paco (my brother),

Paco, i came to your live the day i was born. I know you first were jealous of me but then i know you didnt even want my parents to come close to me. As time passes i remember you became a bit angry with some things, you didnt let my parents kiss me or hug me. We have grown together and I’m gald about it. I had the best times of my life with you. I thank you so much for all those memories we have together and all the support and help you gave me. Everytime i felt down and sad you were with me, your kisses and hugs made me feel better and alive. I remember that one day in our lifes that you bite me, i didnt got mad at you but you felt really bad for what you did, i do forgive you.

You know, you lived more than expected, though i did expect that. 16 years of our lives together, i couldnt thank you just by saying it. I know that even if i can’t see you, you are still here with me, i feel you. I know you are now in a better place and i know you’ll wait for me no matter what. You are unique, my baby or bebi like i used to call you and i still do; no one will replace you, remember that. The day you left was a shocking day and sad, i felt like a part of me left. I’m so sorry for not saying goodbye that morning, i am really sorry. That day when i came from school, i was so devastated. I couldnt believe it, i saw you and i knew you suffered so much for so long that you had to take a rest. I cried alone in my room talking to you. You were very stong, buddy. And i know that you stayed with us becuase i gave you the stranght but i think it was too much for you to take with. I’m sorry i wasnt by your side. I even felt like something was wrong when i was at school, i felt loneliness. You were and still are and forever will be my brother, my twin. I thank you for everything, the happiness you brought to my life, the support and for sharing time with me. I love you and please wait for me, i cant wait to see you again. I hope you walk with me throught my life until the day i have to leave with you. Your family always remembers you, my brother. I will protect you and will always remember you forever. I love you


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