Dear Cissy,

I am so honored to have you as my pet and family member and best friend. You are a wonderful and stewt dog. I love you so much. Your heart is in the right place. You gave us lots of love. And we gave you the same. You are a vibracious dog. Who loves her mama. I know there are times you pittled or used the carpet. But you are my dog. My one and only dog. I love you and cherish you. Every morning it is a deep honor to have you sleep on my bed. And I am so glad you are still with me. I know you were born on July 4th 2009. And almost 3 right now. When I bought you. I was so happy and thrilled to hold you in my arms. And I still am. I know you also love you play with your big sister Penny. It is fun to see you play gently and lovingly with her. I laugh and get tickled to death to see you play. Sometimes your sister Penny gets you angry while you sleep. But we all love you. You are my dog. My best friend. And even more my family member. I love you with all my heart and soul. You will always be held and loved by all of us. Even me and Penny your sister.


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