Dear Little Shadow,

I just lost my oldest dog, Keaira, after 15 years. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and even though I had time to prepare, it wasn’t easy to say goodbye. She left quietly, in her sleep, without any pain or suffering. She was a better dog than I could have ever hoped for. I knew I could never replace her, and I wanted a few months to adjust to life without her. My home was no longer complete, as I soon came to realize. It was quiet, too quiet. One of my fondest memories of ‘Kiki’ was the first time I picked her up. She was 8 weeks old, and as I held her in my arms, she snuggled her nose around my neck, gave me a few puppy kisses and fell asleep. That was when I knew she was the one.

My little Shadow, the first time I picked you up, you were just 8 weeks old, and as I held you in my arms, you snuggled your little nose around my neck, gave me a few puppy kisses and fell asleep. How could this be possible? You must be the one!

Turns out, after the few months you’ve been home, you aren’t anything like I imagined you would be. You’re not the best behaved puppy, you’re too nippy, you’re too jumpy, and you haven’t quite learned the dining room isn’t your private potty yet. Monster Mutt, your nickname, is more than worthy!

You have, however, reminded me that patience is a virtue. You show me each day that for everything bad that happens, there’s always something better right around the corner. You have reminded me of what it means to grant forgiveness, and not hold a grudge, even as I throw out yet another shoe you somehow managed to snatch & destroy.

At the same time, you’re always happy to see me, tail wagging furiously like you haven’t seen me in years (it’s only been a few hours, little girl!) I love tossing up your ball, and watch as you jump so high to try and catch it before it hits the ground. Your little howl is too cute, you make my heart smile! I love that you know the difference between your toys, and go get the right one I ask for. Early morning walks, before my coffee, take much too long, but we figured out that ‘taking Mommy home’ is the only way we’ll get back there before dinner. I love watching you run as fast as you can, it’s amazing how fast you are. You do the silliest things all the time, I can’t help but laugh out loud. I love our quiet time, just before bed. You jump on my lap, curl up in a ball, and chew on your bone, but only if I hold it for you.

My little Shadow, you may be a bad little girl at times, stubborn and head strong, but you found your way into my heart and you’ll always be there, right next to Kiki. There is no comparison between you both, you’re total opposites. Know that you haven’t replaced her, you’ve joined her in my soul. You may not be the most perfect puppy, but you’re the perfect puppy for me!


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