Dear Maximus,

I had to say my final goodbye to you 1 month ago, and the impact you had on my life and everybody who has met you is amazing. You have made many people who were afraid of pitbulls see that Pitbulls are not as bad as everyone says they are. I remember the first day getting you, my boss at work needed to get rid of a dog to a good home because her boyfriend’s nephew was moving and couldn’t take you. I immediately said I will take you with out even meeting you. When I went to her house after work and met you for the first time you ran and jumped up on me and gave me kisses all over my face, and from that point on we were inseparable. When I got you, you were already 4 yrs old and I had you for 11. That was the greatest 11 yrs of my life! You are truly missed and everyday I think about you. I find myself at night still making sure that you are covered and when I realize you are not there is saddens me.

I have questioned myself on if I was a good owner and if I took care of you properly. I hope I did, I hope you never felt unwanted or unloved. That was and never was the case. You were very much part of the family. When you would sleep on the bed with me, it had two reasons, 1. I hated the way you would give me those sad eyes, and I know you used it to your advantage. Because you would get anything you want. 2. Before I use to have nightmares every night and I didn’t when you were there. The nightmares have come back. There is so much I wanted to say to you, but when you got sick it was really quick. I remember the last night we spent together I held you the closest I ever have and you put your head on my shoulder and we didn’t move the whole night. Was that your way of saying that you knew it was time? I want you to know that I plan on rescuing two pitbulls, and it is not to replace you because that will never happen, but it is for me to get two dogs who have not known what it is like to be loved and wanted. Again I am not replacing you but it makes me very sad to know that there are dogs that do have no clue what a treat is, or what it is like to hugged and petted in a loving way. I know that you understand. Give Grandpa a hard time up there, he will enjoy it and probably give it back to you. Aunt Katie will be up there as well as everybody else so you should have plenty of people to play fetch with. We will be together again.
p.s. I still have the scar on my foot from when you dropped the cinder block on it, I couldn’t be mad. I said drop and it you did.

Max thank you for every wonderful memory.


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