Dear Bella,

One year ago I never would have imagined that I could love an animal more than most parents love their child. Or that I would want to spend every penny I made on dog toys and bones. Or that the sound of a squeky toy would be me smile instead of cringe. I could have never imagined you Bella because I have never felt such joy in my life until the day I brought you home. I have had pets before, but none like you. You are the least well behaved dog I have had but you make up for it in so many ways. You truly are my best friend and I could not survive without you. On my darkest day when I feel like my entire world is spiraling out of control you lick the tears from my face and silently let me know that no matter what I am loved. The way you love me unconditionally and are always so happy to see me brings me unexplainable joy. Some people think I’m weird because I love you so much but they don’t know how it feels. I didn’t make a best friend connection with a person, I made it with a dog, and that dog is you. I will always love you Bella Marie. So here is to many more years. Happy first birthday baby girl.



  1. Rohini Singh says:

    A very Happy birthday Bella frm my side too. may God give u long & healthy life & give u all d happiness in ur life.Always Keep u in touch with ur loved ones. Luv u .

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