Dear Cassy Girl,

When we rescued you at a year old, we did not know from where you came. You somehow called to us, and somehow we answered that call and brought you into our home.

It is here, in the security of our home and love, we have worked together to heal you from the horrible abuse you suffered during your first year of life.

I am sorry that someone treated you as they did, perhaps they would not have done that if they had stopped for a moment to look into your eyes and soul. Had they done that, they might have seen what we see, a bright, sensitive, quirky dog in need of a secure life with humans who could be as loyal to you as you are to them. You needed a place where you could learn that life is good, that loyalty can be rewarding, and that there are people who love you and always will. I am grateful that our home is where you landed.

Even your foster Mom has told us that she can’t imagine another family could have healed you the way that we have. What she doesn’t realize is that there is no dog that could have taught us the way you have.

From you we have learned about rescue dogs and Angel Dogs, those dogs brought into our lives with a purpose for both the dog and the human. You have taught us about rescue dogs and Angel Dogs, and how they can enter our lives at a time when we need them as much as they need us. Cassy girl, you arrived in our home at a time when we had the knowledge, experience and hearts for a girl like you.

When you are allowed to run off leash on the beach, our hearts swell, to see the pure joy of you being you. How could anyone have ever misunderstood you so badly, to try and beat that joy out of you? That the joy in your heart remains is a testament to your soul, that you are strong and resilient and somehow you knew that we would be along to be the recipients of your love, and that we would love you back and protect you with every fiber of our beings, every day, for your entire life.

This is our promise to you.


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