Dear Chewie,

Dear Chewie,

Even though you will never be able to read this or understand the words I’m saying, I hope you will always know the love behind them. It has only been four months since you have graced my life and yet I can’t imagine a day without you. My friends and family laugh and tell me I’m crazy, your “dad” jokes I would save you in a fire before him, and the vet has mentioned on several occasions that she thinks I have her on speed dial. I just laugh and agree with their comments because I can remember a time when I just didn’t “get” why people were so obsessed with their pets! But then you came into my life. Every day you make me laugh or smile at the most unexpected times. Whether it’s a slight tilt of your head or waiting for me to be caught off guard by a quick tongue lick up my nose, you constantly find a way to make me forget about the rest of the world and any stresses that go along with it. I thank you for showing me love – not the unconditional love you give to me, but for showing me the love I can feel for another. It’s different than the love one has for a significant other, friend, or family member. It is not contingent on you choosing me over your favorite toy. It doesn’t falter when you steal my socks from the hamper or choose my favorite shoes as the new hiding spot for your bones. In a complicated world, it is one of the simplest things I’ve ever known. You are my fluff fluff, my parrot, my chew bear, my baby and I love you more than I ever knew I could. Thank you, Chewie


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