Dear Sophie,

Words cannot explain…

Words cannot explain the joy that fills my heart every time you lap you’re slimy tongue across my face. Words cannot explain the warmth that bubbles in my tummy every time you put your ears back and slink towards me ready for bed. Words cannot explain how much I love you.

You were mine before you were ‘mine’; I saw your photo and instantly I knew that soon enough you would be cuddled up next to me at night.

I was web surfing when I stumbled across Gingers-Antiques and Chihuahuas. A tiny little ball of fluff named “Tiny Tank”. I showed Daddy how adorable you were; he laughed and said no but I wasn’t letting that be the end of that conversation so I showed grandma Kim (the one who made it all possible) who fell in love as quickly as I did. We did more and more research and Daddy came around (just to please me but hey…) and sooner that I new it your name was Sophie and we would pick you up on May 15.

On on our way to Puyallup, seemingly the longest drive of my life, Kim sat in the drivers seat asking “Are you sure? It’s a big responsibility.” but I wasn’t fazed, you were coming home with me.

We got to Gingers and there you were, black and brown with stubbly little legs and ears bigger than your body. Calm, timid, scared even but you instantly took with me…you knew I was your mommy. We did the deal and my life changed…everyone’s did.

You were fearless, strong, curious, poised and loving. For hours I would follow you around watching your every move.I wasn’t letting you out of my sight! I swear, you met everyone and their mother within the first week of living with us. For hours you had us laughing, smiling, just completely smitten. Never really a trouble maker, not a chewer, just and instigator antagonizing the other animals in your life.

Words cannot explain how happy you have made everyone around you. You are so unbelievably loved by all those in your life. And then there is me…I look at you and I want to shout because I am so overwhelmed by the feeling of love you bring to me. I hold you every day with the feeling of never wanting to let go. You fill any gap that has no been otherwise satisfied. I think of our future together and I see that you will be here for many years to come. You’ll be around to see Mommy and Daddy get married,buy their first house and have kids. That my friend, is pretty spectacular…I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mommy Loves You!


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