Dear My Best Pal Scooter,

Dear Scooter (Scoot-poo, Pooter)

I’ve loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you! You were a gift (literally) and a blessing to my soul. 2 years ago, before, you came into my life, your mommy was in a really dark place. Having suffered from depression for many years, I had grown tired of having no one to love. I had mentioned to my co-worker/friend that for years, I’ve always wanted a dog of my own. I enjoyed times spent with Laurie and her family (including her daschund- Chachi).

Little did I know that Laurie and her family would suprise me with you!
We immediately bonded- you were such a happy little boy. I remember being so excited to take you home and have someone to love. You saved me! Your love helped bring me out of the dark place and my soul opened up to unconditional love Your love, your kisses, your cuddles, helped me to feel I am worthy of being loved. When I’m down, your beautiful face always cheers me up. I now see the glass as half-full instead of half-empty. I can now go out into the world and smile again.
Thank You Scooter for bringing pure joy back into my life! I love you with all my


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