Dear Wile E.,

How could we have known….????

How could we have known when we walked into the animal control (the pound) the special connection and impact you would have on our lives. I remember it like it happened only a moment ago. We had been searching a long time for a new member of the family. Dad spotted the little black dog in the kennel with you and thought he was ‘the one’ I thought you were much more friendly and cute. I can only imagine what it must have been like for you having people pass by everyday hoping that someone would pick you and that you would have the home you deserved. You had been through so much in your short life.

Your previous owner’s..yes owners, not family often kicked and hit you. You were used to teach dogs how to fight and were tied up and left out in the cold and rain battered hurt and not loved. Somehow you managed to get free and that’s when you were picked up and brought to animal control. You were in pretty bad shape but they gave you the aide you needed. I came back that faithful Saturday to see the little black dog. Your girl sat down in front of the kennel with a tennis ball in her hand the little black dog we came to see stayed huddled in the back of the kennel but you came right up to where she was sitting and did a little prancy dance up to her and put your paw in her hand. I knew right then and there that we didn’t pick you, you picked us! You’ve been a part of our family for over four years and everyday I look forward to coming home and seeing your furry little face. You have your own space on the BIG BED curled up right by my side. From your talking to Dad to try and con him out of a piece of chicken, to your cookie dancing for treats. You manage to make me smile when I’m having a bad day, or comfort me when I’m sick. I remember when your girl was having an asthma attack in her room. I didn’t hear her but you came out and started pitching a fit to get my attention you grabbed my pant leg and only stopped when you knew your girl was ok. You have added so much to our family and given me a new social circle. Since you started blogging about local pet interests and pet topics we have gone to a lot of wonderful events that have benefited great charities. You have shown people but especially your family what LOVE can do. Even though your start in life was more like the plot of a horror story that would never have had a happy ending. You showed us that the past does not have to dictate how your life will be in the future. You are loving, funny and smart. I hope that we can give you the life that you deserve and provide the love that you given us so unconditionally. They say that Dog is man’s best friend. I think that’s partially right. You are more than friend ‘ you are family’ fur baby.


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