Dear Connor,

Connor my lad! You left us all too soon. It was such a distressing day when you left. You were all snoozing after your afternoon walk. I was working at the computer when I heard this strange sigh. I turned around because an erie feeling came over me I called your name no response. I walked over to you and found you dead. Tristan,Darcy and Mike went over to you one by one sniffed your face and licked you saying a silent farewell. I covered you with an old blanket and we all went for a long walk. My lad I needed to think about what to do. I did think and I had tears sliding down my cheeks but your three brothers to consider and the legacy of love that binds us together now as when you were still among us.I called a friend and she and her son came and you were gently lifted up and put in the back of their car I was devestated but at least I had the help of a friend. That night you visited me in my dreams and showed me where you now reside you are happy and free of pain playing out there in the sun near the rainbow bridge. Connor I just want to let you know that we miss you an awful lot and that we are always happy when you come by. Collin has now joined us he too was unwanted but like you he is our family member. It is so comforting to know that death can’t cut our bond of love short because death is not the end of anything but rather the beginning of something else. So be happy my dearest Connor your loving mum and four brothers.Your legacy of love lives on because you more greyhounds are sure to follow not all at once but one soul at a time as long as we exist and as long as I can draw breath I will fight for your kind and do my utmost to alert others to the plight of your breed and of the galgoes in Spain.See you around my lad my life.


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