Dear McLovin,


You are so unbelievably cool. Most other dogs have no idea how cool you are, but we do. Humans laugh at you, but they don’t know you’ve already analyzed them and written them off as losers. You are the ultimate Mr. Know-It-All. You lounge around the family room like you own the place and I’m just a renter who’s a couple months behind on rent. You’re completely full of crap and yet so cocky that you rule the roost. You boss around my 140 pound Greater Swiss Mountain dog like he’s your bitch. You’re just a little short-legged plumped-up weiner dog, but you strut your manley stuff from your perch, 6 inches off the floor. You lick yourself anywhere you can, anytime you want. The whole family knows that it’s your way or the highway.

Do you know what a pain it is to know that if we ever once let you off your leash you’ll be gone, chasing a rabbit, real or imagined, off into the sunset? We were told that you were bred to chase bunnies, but we had no idea you would completely forget who feeds you and where you live, and chase a rabbit for miles? That is, if we didn’t get out the million candlepower spotlight and chase after you. You’re not even embarassed by the bells we had to hang from your collar so we can follow the sound through the brambles as you hunt for your bunnies. McLovin, you are something else. And you have us completely wrapped around your little paw-finger. We love you like crazy, which is why we put up with your flagrant eccentricities, your hound odor, your general bullying and those times when you growl at us for feeding the other dogs. Your wrinkled face is just too cute, and your mannerisms too precious to resist. And when you climb up to vertical on the sofa and snore it is picture perfect. Yes McLovin, you rule and we’re all just fine with that. We love you buddy.


  1. Sweet and Low says:

    McLovin ROCKS! Finest Basset Hound I have ever seen!

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