Dear Ella,


The grace of vision in your right eye is gone, but the twinkle still burns strong. You have seen much; a farm built running behind the tractor, endless days of veggies planted, weeding more weeding more weeding, why I know you ask do I ever weed so much? Cold salmon days swimming on Griffin Creek, Super Secret Swims, romps with Flash, two boys born, drives across the country, Chautauqua LOVE, friends lost, battles with liver cancer, everyday we write a new chapter in gratitude, your snore your stank keep us real and give us great vision! Vision and hope to smile and live the days full. You fill my heart with infinite sweetness, your paws pushing through the clear waters swimming in the chilled earth bring pure joy and the simple truth of how little it really takes to be happy, a ball, a lake and a roll!
We love you Miss Ella!!!


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