Dear My Son Sammy,

My Dearest and Beloved Sammy.

How My Son Sammy Came Into My Life: I rescued Sammy from the side of the road on the outskirts of Santa Fe one Sunday afternoon (Valentine’s Day — February 14, 1993). As I passed you, I looked in the rearview mirror and you were looking at me as I passed. I pulled off to the side of the road and honked my horn. I opened my passenger door of my car and you came running as fast as you could and jumped in the front seat and sat right next to me all the way home. You licked my arm and face as if you were thanking me for rescuing you … but we recused each other that afternoon.

I advertised in the local paper for two weeks that I had found ‘you’ and if anyone was looking for you, no one responded. I contacted the local animal shelter and they advised me to bring you in, but I told them I wanted to keep you. I had to do all the paperwork and pay the fees, YOU then became MINE.

You loved to go riding with me in the truck and sat ever so proud on the passenger seat. You would sit like a human and watched everything and anything around you. People would point and say that you were ‘cute’ and YOU were. I will never forget the first time I took you to the family property up in Northern New Mexico. You had never seen a cow – and you bolted after one and ran right under its belly. The cow jumped up and kicked – but thankfully you did not get kicked. I ran and got you and put you back in the truck.

You were with me everyday of your 15 years – only when I was on vacation – and when I returned – boy, did you tell me off in your own “doggy” language. I missed you the entire time I was on vacation, though and could not wait to be back home so I could hug and kiss you and have you right next to me on the bed. Sammy, my son, you gave me 15 wonderful and fantastic years and I will NOT forget any of them.

The Last Year: In the last year of your life, you were having such a hard time getting up to walk to go outside to use the bathroom …. so for the last few months I would put a towel under your belly to support your back-end and use your chest harness to support you from the front. I did this several times a day and night — even through the winter of 2007-2008 — in blizzards of blowing snow — and in the early morning hours — I would help you walk or carried you to go outside so that you could smell the trees and plants and do your ‘business.’

Then it got even harder for you to walk, even with my help. I would tell you it was ‘ok’ to pee and poop on the pamper blankets I had bought — you hated it ‘I know’ but you finally would pee and poop and I would carry you to the shower and bathe and clean you all up. I did this for several weeks, but you just kept getting worse. If I could … I would still be doing everything for you because of our love and affection for one another.

I made the heart-wrenching decision to let you go on Monday, April 7, 2008. That will be the worst day of my life. At 9:20 a.m., as I held you in my arms, you went to Rainbow Bridge. I kept whispering in your ear that I loved you, over and over and over again until you had passed. When it was over, I looked down at your face and I saw a tear in your eye and I knew you were going to miss me! BUT, my son, I was the one who was going to miss you with all my heart and soul. Ever since that day, my son, I cry when I get home or when I read all the wonderful postings people have left for you and me. You are my guardian angel and I am so thankful that you and I rescued each other that Sunday afternoon and that no one was looking for you and you became MINE forever. Run and play my son.


  1. Amie says:

    Thank you for loving such a great dog as you did. Your story made me cry. He was a beaut!

  2. kim says:

    What a great love story!

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