Dear My Monkeys,

To My Monkeys…

Missy & Mister Mister,

I was in grave danger of becoming a crazy cat lady when you were dropped into my life. The people who callously left you on the side of the road are scoundrels but I am grateful that they chose that place at that moment. My life will never be the same.

There was no hesitation when I saw your plight–you were coming to my house until I could find you a family. I did my best to stay unattached, even giving you the most generic monikers. But I was probably the only one who didn’t know from the start that you had already found a home. After a few months, I knew I couldn’t part with you…and your names stuck.

You bring such joy to my life. I marvel at your boundless energy, whether dragging me up a mountain or running flat out through a field. You find great pleasure in something as simple as a belly rub. And whether I’ve been gone for 10 days or 10 minutes, you are always excited to see me.

Thank you for loving me with reckless abandon.

Love Always, Mommy


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