To My Loving Angel Misty Rose,

Dear Misty,

I miss you more than you can imagine. You were my confidant, my special one to tell my secrets to. You came to me at a time when I needed you most, a month after losing Cuddles after 17 years and several years of congestive heart disease. I was hurting and you came to the rescue. Nothing can fill that void of losing a furbaby like another furbaby. You were that one that filled that void. You were so loving.

You were housebroken within a week and a half. I suspect that was unusual for a puppy. It took much longer than that when I housebroke Cuddles. You never wanted to be away from me. Followed me everywhere. If I went into the bedroom, there you were behind me. If I went downstairs, there you were behind me. I would come home from work and unlock the door and there would be your little head peeking around the door. I even tried once to sneak home and go around to the back door, but there you were sticking you little head around the door there, also. No tricking you.

I took you to dog training. You were the smallest one there. At the end when the instructed was testing, she had us walk around in heal position. You did great. I wasn’t looking down at you, just doing what the instructor said. When she said stop your dog, everybody went awwwww. The instructor said “extra points!” I looked down and you were sitting up pawing the air, something you did a lot.

Whenever I opened the crisper in the fridge, you would come running and beg for lettuce. You loved lettuce. When I peeled potatoes you were there begging because you loved raw potatoes. I can’t eat pizza anymore, because you always got the crust. You slept behind me. I would feel you scooting closer to me so your little hind end was touching me. I miss all those things and more about you.

Dad said no more dogs. He said it was his turn. Thirty years of dogs (two dogs) was enough. So, I never got a new furbaby to fill that void. I think about you every single day. I look forward to seeing you again when I go to Heaven. I know you are there waiting for me along side Cuddles.

Love Your every loving Mom


  1. Charles Padilla says:

    Dearest Vicki .. I came by to read your letter to Misty Rose .. and what a beautiful letter it is. I also wrote a letter to Sammy .. it is posted under the “Pit Bull” section. We will forever love and miss our furkids .. BUT .. we will see them again one day .. and I have always said, “it is Sammy who I want waiting for me when I cross over that beautiful Rainbow Bridge.” Hugs my friend.

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