Dear Soul Sister,

Lily (Pup-pup, Duggie),

I always wanted a dog, but your Daddy wasn’t a ‘dog person.’ I patiently waited knowing that you would come along. I thought I would have wanted a non-shedding expensive pure breed, but I got so much more. I casually went to a popular pet adoption website. Your picture (attached) was the first one I saw. I looked into those big brown eyes, and it was love at first sight. I knew I had found you.
We picked you up on a cold January day. As a 10 week old, 4 pound puppy, you wouldn’t let me put you down. You would cry and cry if I so much as let your tiny paws touch the floor. So, I cradled you in the nook between my neck and shoulder for the duration of that cold winter. Our bond became unbreakable.

Once the spring rolled around, you allowed me to enjoy the sunshine again. It had been so long. Your excitement was palpable and audible as soon as we turned onto your grandmother’s dirt road in the mountains. I always love our long walks there, especially off leash. As you bound through the woods, I am awestruck that any living thing can enjoy life so much.

I love that when our song comes on, you gleefully join in. I love all of your puppy kisses. I love that even if I leave the room for five minutes, you greet me as if I have been gone a lifetime. I love that my black pants are covered with your hair, that way I have a reminder of you during those long work hours. I love that you are always up for anything, no matter what. I love your natural mohawk. I love your fuzzy puppy belly. I love that you are always happy to see me. I love everything about you, and I wouldn’t change a thing.
There is actually one thing I would change. Daddy doesn’t let you snuggle in our bed, but Duggie you are my soul mate. We will be together for eternity. And when you go to dog heaven, I know your spirit will be right beside me and under the covers. I know that our bond is unbreakable, and we will always find each other.
I will always love you,



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