Dear Rusty (the dog no one wanted),

Dear Rusty (Rustin James Madison, Rus Rus, Nunu. Russy, and the million other names we call you),

I still remember the email that we got from the dog rescue asking us to foster you for only two weeks, because the doggie day care that was housing you wanted to make room for the dogs who’s families who were going on vacation. I picked you up and you dragged me along to the car. That was the most noisiest car ride (you are definitely part Sheltie!) ever and I could not wait to send you back. You came strolling in our house like you owned it and zipped around every room. Brett didn’t even want to look at you or play with you because he didn’t want to get attached to you. Well, two weeks turned into three weeks, then four weeks went by. Finally a month after we were told that the doggie day care couldn’t house you anymore and so we were stuck with you.

That was the best thing to ever happen to us. Rusty, you ended up being such a wonderful addition to our house. You were the little dog that was with the dog rescue for a year that no one wanted. Little did everyone know, you were a diamond in the rough. The description on the rescue’s website describing you was completely wrong! You are truly a smart, loyal, and loving creature that came into our home for a reason! We appreciate the unconditional love, cuddles, licks, and happiness that you have provided us the last four years. Also, have we mentioned what a handsome boy you are? Brett and I have never seen a dog like you before. We were told that you are part Sheltie and Duck Toller Retriever and how true it is! You love playing ball and swimming like a Toller and are very protective and loyal like a Sheltie. We are so grateful that you came into our lives and love you so much. Thank for being our fur child and for showing us that everyone (even dogs) deserve a second chance. So true that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Words can’t express how much we love you! You have left paw prints on our hearts forever. Thank you Rusty!


Your mommy


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