Dear Pouchette (the Fabulous Shih Tzu),


Dear Pouchette,

Life has never been the same since you came into our lives. The joy and love that you bring us every day cannot be described in words. You have been the greatest gift that one could ever hope to receive.

We always wanted a dog and when your Grandma passed in April of 2006 we decided it was time to bring a child into our lives. We went to visit our friends in Palm Desert and they had 2 Shih Tzu’s, whom we fell in love with. So they put us in touch with their breeder. Your mommy decided that Christmas would be a good time to bring our new baby home. To our surprise and joy, when we contacted the breeder, he told us that your doggy momma, Brenda, would be having her babies in October and would be ready to come to their new homes in December. Your mommy was so nervous about being a first time mom that she drove John, your breeder crazy asking so many questions.

We had decided on a little boy dog, but as we were driving to see you, John called and insisted that we think about a little girl. He told us that he had one dog in the litter, and thought she would be just perfect for us. You were only 3 weeks old and when we saw you, our hearts started pounding and mommy started to cry as she held you. We knew in that moment that you were the one! You were the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. You were so little and fragile yet friendly, standoffish and very smart. You certainly had a mind of your own. Your eyes, they were so expressive and beautiful, that we could see inside your soul. It was so hard to leave you. We had John send us pictures of you so that we wouldn’t miss a moment. Finally, December 26 we were allowed to take you home. You were Pick Of The Litter, but all your mommy and I knew was that you were ours!

You were so magnificent, beautiful and responsive. Your mommy and I decided that since you came from a showbiz family that you too needed to get into the business. Since I knew that teaching you how to play guitar like me wasn’t an option we decided that acting was just up your ally. Le Paws became your agent and we then enrolled you in on-set-training. You had one of the top animal trainers in the business, wow. You took to it immediately like a movie star, it just came easy to you. Being your personal trainer, I had to learn all the sign languages and the right way of working with you on set. Remember how we used to practice at home then once a week we had a meeting with the trainer and the other dogs from the agency, Le Paws. You completed the training which was quite strenuous and stringent, you were a whiz at it, you loved the attention and really worked beautifully with me, we bonded! I am so proud of you and love to brag about the television work you have done (the TO show, the girls next store, Groomer Has It). Lets not forget the Dog Treat that you graced the packaging of either….

The stroke that changed my life and yours!

On September 28, 2008, after completing a celebrity golf tournament and then preforming that night at a concert in Santa Barbara, I went to bed and felt a very strange feeling in my body, I was having a stroke. This changed our lives. We had thought about taking you with us, but decided it would be better for you to stay at Dogwood for the weekend. Thank goodness we did, because I had to stay at the hospital in Santa Barbara that whole week in ICU. Your mommy and I were were panicked because your birthday was October 3 and we were not going to miss this day for anything. Your mommy pulled a lot of strings to get me back to Los Angeles. I arrived at St Joseph Hospital about 5:00pm and your mom rushed to pick you up from Dogwood, getting there just in time before they closed for the night. They had a big birthday party for you with presents which made us so happy because I was in the hospital and we were unable to celebrate your 3rd birthday together.

You moved quickly from becoming a little doggy Star, to being a caregiver for me! We have built a routine together for my recovery. Spiritually you give me the courage to go on, you just seem to know what to do and what I need. When you would come to visit me in the hospital you had this sweet way about you and had the greatest all-around attitude. The thought of you is what kept me going and gave me the will to live. Mommy and your Aunt Jeanne used to smuggle you into the hospital to see me, and you gave me the encouragement to go on. Having to walk you every day, gave me additional exercise and a reason to keep working at my recovery and besides you loved being needed. You are always so very protective of me, you kiss my affected hand and then make that wonderful eye contact with me giving me total unconditional love. I love to practice our routines and somehow you know when I am pushing myself to much and let me know that we have had enough practice. I was so proud of you when you went on stage to receive an award and acknowledgment for being appointed the President and Founder of Pets for Hollywood Central Park. Then two nights later you and I participated in another fund raiser where we were models and walked the cat walk for Inglewood PAL’s Funky Fresh Fashion Show. You were a show stopper that is for sure…

Pouchette, mommy and daddy love you so much! One look in your eyes, and we can see the love you have for us! Thank you for coming into our lives, you have make our lives matter.

Your daddy,
musician Jimmy Stewart


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