Dear Buckie,

Never Forgotten and Always Loved…

4 years have now passed since we were last together. My last memory of you is your beautiful brown eyes looking into mine as you drifted into a long, peaceful and heavenly sleep. No more pain, no more worries, just blissful dreams of happy times while you were with us. Your brother Maxwell is going up so fast. Reckless as always, getting into things he shouldn’t, being precocious as usual. He still remembers you though when I mention your name. You know, he still has that favorite toy you both use to play tug of war with. Not a day goes by that a memory of you doesn’t pop into my head. Pictures of you adorn my desk at work, my Facebook and my dresser at home. I wish you were around when I finally got married 3 years ago, we now live in a BEAUTIFUL house, much bigger and beautiful then the one we used to live in at Hopatcong. We live close to a park, I know both you and your brother would be frolicking through the woods just having a great ol’ time.

I know in my heart that you are ALWAYS with me, my Guardian Angel. Max at times demonstrates many of your characteristics, as though you are living through him. No one can ever understand the bond you and I had, the love that a dog and his owner possess. You were more than just a dog, you were my son, my family and my protector. You always knew how to cheer me up or just to lay with me when I was sick or just feeling down. So many memories that will live forever in my heart and mind. I thank you for guiding Maxwell as he grew up under your wing, for he would not be the dog he is today. I truly miss you Buckie and will never EVER forget you. Until the day we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, you will live on through me and your brother. We LOVE YOU. Until then, its not goodbye, its until later.

Love you always,
Mommy (Lizzy)


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