Dear Nakota,

To my sweet boy, Nakota:

You have been my heart since you came into my life 8 years ago. I knew you were meant to be with me from the moment I saw your expressive caramel-colored eyes. You may be grateful that I saved you from what was an uncertain future, but the reality is that I needed you just as much.

We’ve had our challenges over the years, but I wouldn’t change you or a single minute of our life together.

You make me grin from ear-to-ear when you greet me after I get home. You make me laugh when you steal my spot on the bed or sofa after I get up to do something.

You are a true example of a dog’s loyalty, unconditional love, fierce sense of protectiveness, and ability to forgive — despite circumstances early in life that should have broken your spirit. I am more patient and tolerant because of you.

Only another dog lover can understand our connection. You are not like my child, you ARE my child.

I love to watch you as you sleep. I wonder what you are dreaming about when your muscles twitch and your tail wags. When you curl up in bed and close your eyes at the end of the day, rest assured knowing that you are loved as much as anyone can be loved.

Some people have commented that you are fortunate to have me because I sometimes spoil you. But I am the lucky one. Thank you for 8 years (and counting) of pure and simple joy. I hope you have been just as happy.



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