Dear Ziggy,

My Ziggy…

I apologize. The main reason Dad and I adopted you was to fill the hole in our hearts. Our Pomeranian Jojo had just died, and we were devastated. We had found another pom to adopt right away but with the caveat that he had to go to a 2 dog home. I wanted the pom so badly that I quickly went to an adoption fair and found you there…a sad eyed 12 pound chi-weinie. I saw your sad eyes but tried to avoid them. My heart was still so, so heavy with the grief of Jojo’s death that I couldn’t stand looking too deep into anybody else’s pain.
Your new brother was of course, cute and charming-your typical pom. You were of course as I used to say to you were “so very hard to love”. You growled at everyone (except me, I must admit), you had the runs and then it turned out that you had worms-which in turn you gave to your brother. When I first tried to take you for a walk you embarrassed me by being so frightened that you were practically hugging the sidewalk.

I apologize because it seemed like you were in so much emotional pain and I didn’t or couldn’t want to face it. All we knew about you was that you came from a hoarding situation from the Sacramento area. And as much as it may have been a bad situation it was your home and I know being thrown into mine within a matter of weeks must have been devastating. But like I said I didn’t or couldn’t care, but as time went by… I noticed how you would do anything to be with me. Or how your eyes would follow me wherever I went-I noticed most of all even though it was hard for me to accept you, that you had accepted me from day one. You didn’t mind when everyone made a big deal out of your new brother, the charming pom aka Cricket because you thought he was pretty great too. When I gave you an old towel to lay on-you didn’t mind that it was threadbare-I didn’t want to use any of my towels because you were still “wormy”. And yet you still looked at me like I was your biggest savior.

However, as you know it wasn’t long before I fell for your big ol’ Valentino eyes. Once the pain of Jojo’s death began to stop being so fresh-I looked up and found you just sitting there waiting for me to love you. And love you I do.


  1. TC says:

    How beautiful, this letter brought tears to my eyes.

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