My Other Baby,

Oh Bubba, where do I begin…

You came into our lives, lets say “unexpectedly” when we up-rooted our family of 3 to a new town, which ment new friends for our only daughter. As a companion she asked for a puppy. With big hazel eyes looking at daddy, how could he have said no. So, we saw a picture of you, and decided that we wanted a white furry furball. When we went to pick you out, we told the lady we wanted something white, furry, and a girl. As she looked through the litter, one cotton ball was deciding that they would not be overlooked. So, she picked you up, and said heres your girl. Lilly, you had your new home. After we picked you up, we went to get the necessities, bowl, food, toys, and most important, a white and pink polka dot dress.

When you arrived home Nina gave you a much needed bath, and from the kitchen I heard..”MOM” thinking something was wrong I yelled ‘WHAT’…… the reply I heard…………” ITS A BOY’. After a good laugh I called the lady to let her know the mistake and she insisted we bring you back for our girl, but It was to late, after only 3 hrs, you had already carved a place in our hearts! I never knew I could love a dog as much as I love my own child, you ARE the second child I never had. You, 3 years old, no manners, very demanding, stubborn, and mouthy, yet I would lay my life down for you. Feeling you needed a companion during the days that we worked long hours, and the cat not being much of a socialist, seeing as how after 12 years, we, ourselves, had maybe only seen her about 10 times (she is a bit shy) we looked to petfinder for your sibling. Dad, always wanting a Rott, we had see him for months up for adoption, so, we decided to go investigate, then and there, you had a brother, Blitz. Homecoming was a bit nail biting, not really knowing how he would react, but it was love at first sniff. You two couldnt be more different, in personalities, and size, but you reigned supreme with your “look at me” attitude, and outgoing personality, Blitz with his, whatever attitude, and non-stop tongue, were 2 peas in a pod. Going for walks was a treat for the both of you. Blitz and dad, walking ahead with their big feet, and long strides, and you and I, with little feet, and small steps, when I was not walking fast enough, you would tend to walk on your 2 hind feet…The 2 of you were not enough. Then one day, our next fur ball, Mitzi, showed up, and our furry family was complete. Having 3 dogs, i must admit (but not to dad) is a handful, but the excitement you 3 bring when dad is gone on a,only to familiar business trip, and Nina being the young adult she is, popping in and out, bring life back into the house where empty holes have been. Playing at 10pm on a regular basis, wanting to explore the 3 acres you have as your playground 3 to 4 times a night, treats EVERY SINGLE TIME your 4 feet walked back into the house, the way you sit to have your paws wiped free of mud and dirt when you return, the way you run like a mad man after your bath,looking longingly at dad when he eats his morning pop tarts (by the way, dad say you love pop tarts more than him).. howling at the Sponge Bob Square pants song, and the way you make a running start to get on the bed at bedtime, describes the chaos that is never ending at our home. You 3 have carved your paw prints into our hearts, and bring never ending joy into our lives. Bubba, Blitz, and Mitzi, dad, Nina and I love you, and want you to know our lives are complete. Jus thought you should know.



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