Dear Harley,

My Love for Harley…

I didn’t know how important you were going to be until the day we met. I know you knew you would be part of our lives because of the quiet persistence I witnessed that nice summer day. You have always been a silent strength to me and your patience is so admirable. You love me unconditionally and you always want to show me your love and support by just sitting or lying next to me. Harley, I love you so much and I am thankful that you chose me to be your mommy.

You are my little alter ego and I see it in your personality every day. You show me you are strong, loving, caring and so determined to always show that you love being part of our family. My dream come true would be that I can take you everywhere I go because you are such a good girl and always listen to Mommy & Daddy. You bring me calmness and love when we are together. I always thank you for coming into our lives and loving us so much.

Love you with all my heart.
Your Mommy, Nancy


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