My Baby

Dear Mia Sophia aka monster aka minit,

The first time I saw your little angelic face, was 3 days after I came home from having a hysterectomy. I was 34 and had no kids of my own. My husband brought you home to me as a surprise and boy was I ever. You were so tiny and sweet and you slept through the night! I spend the next six weeks recovering and you were at my side every step of the way. The first day I had to leave you to go back to work broke my heart, but when I came home that night to see your little happy dance and wiggling butt, all was better. You’ve been greeting me that way every time I come home for the past 2 years and it makes even the worst day seem okay. When we found out at 9 months old that you had sub-aortic stenosis, I cried the whole way home from the cardiologist. We got lucky though because you have good doctors and they assure me you will live a long life and thank goodness for that!! We’ve had some rough patches along the way, like the time you thought it was okay to eat a hole in our couch and pull the stuffing out and place it all over the living room; all in a matter of 15 minutes. All I could do was laugh, and for that you have the nickname ‘monster Mia’ More than anything we’ve had amazing times. You’ve changed my life in ways that I couldn’t even imagine. I worry about you when I’m not with you, I think about you all the time and I can’t imagine my life without you in it. You have brought more joy into my life than I could have possibly imagined. You’ve made me a better person and more than anything, you did something that I never thought would happen and something I can never thank you for enough, you made me a MOM! I love you to the moon and back- Katie


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