Dear Ms,

Holly, you are my sunshine.

You were adopted by my daughter and her family. The shelter folks said you were found running around outside the shelter one morning, someone had dropped you off during the night. Shame on them.

So you found a new home, and I came to visit you, taking you for car rides (Oh Boy!), but you got into a fight with the neighbor’s dog and nearly got returned to the shelter.

But I couldn’t let that happen. I took you in because I knew what a great girl you were.

Now we are family. I can’t imagine life without you. You’ve been so loyal and loving, I am so lucky to have the greatest dog in the world. Always happy and full of love, eager to please, such good manners, quick to learn, such a good heart. All those bad things people said about pitbulls turned out to be false.

Remember when you were younger, I used to take you with me to work, in the dump truck? You were so excited, riding high, Queen of the Road. You thrived on all the attention (and slimjims and sandwiches) you got from the work crews.

Remember when you somehow unbuckled your seatbelt and jumped out the window when you spotted a groundhog or something? You were lucky my big wheels didn’t smear you all over the pavement. You never tried THAT again.

Your truckdriving days are over because of your arthritis. Your muzzle is gray and you’ve put on some pounds, but you’re still beautiful.

Remember how you used to hate men? How you used to defend my home, my truck, myself, by barking viciously whenever a man came close? What happened to you in your other life? Now you’re cool with men. I wonder if you still remember your old life, your old name.

Now you’re sleeping on my bed. I can hear you snoring. People can hear you snoring over the phone, you’re so funny.

And you love your new little friend! After years of believing you would harm a cat, Jenny came into our lives and you are so affectionate towards her, I can hardly believe it. And she loves you too. I’m so glad you have a little sister to keep you comany when I’m gone.

When I look into your big brown eyes, I see nothing but unconditional love. And I love you the same. We’re all lucky.


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