Dear Mr. Boo Jenkins,

My Boo Bear…

4 months ago, my boyfriend and I rescued you at a local shelter, and you have rescued me. The day we got you, we waited three hours on a bench outside your cage to make sure no one could swoop you up! We just knew you were the one – It was an impulse decision but I’ve never once regretted it since you have been home. You have shown me the purest form of unconditional love.

You follow me into every room and lay down at my feet so that you know when I leave. I’ve experienced peace and security on our long walks together. You are so well behaved that I can take you off the leash so that we can jog and explore. You have become my favorite work out buddy! You even like to sprawl out on my yoga mat. You love other dogs of any size and age, approaching every dog you see in a calm state. As crazy as it sounds, it reminds me to be friendly and trust those that are kind. I love watching you chase and run full speed, ending up so deliriously happy that your tongue is hanging out sideways. Thank you for letting me rub your belly at any given time, and gently reminding me to wake up in the morning. You are the best addition to my life, and I look forward to many years together!


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