Dear Millie the Mastermind,

Oh Mildred.

Millie Bo Nilly, Miller the Killer, Millie Vanillie, Mil the thrill, whatever name I say you respond to because you are THAT SMART. You were the runt of the litter, just like your mommy. You were the first puppy of a litter to walk right over to me and that’s how I chose you! That’s also how I knew who you were when I returned from a walk and realized they put the collar on another dog. I go ‘that’s not the runt, I chose the runt’ and we switched collars. That is when you became an official member of our family. It’s funny how you were the runt of the litter and now everyone just calls you fat. My poor little chubster, you may weigh more than me but I swear we have the same IQ. Millie, I tell you to look both ways when crossing the street and you do so, I ask you to move when you’re in the doorway between rooms and you kindly walk away, I tell you no begging when you sniff a whiff of food and you turn your head the other way. Millie, many women around the world would be hard pressed to find a man as intelligent and obedient as you.

When we go on walks and all the other dogs locked in garages and backyards bark and howl and go crazy over your voluptuous bod, you don’t even bat an eye. You are the most independent, intelligent, self confident woman I know. And that makes me a proud mommy. We named you Millie, for Millenium. Meaning, you’re going to be 12 this March. 12.. Wow, how the time has flown. Millie you are about to be 84 years old and you still are holding all your marbles. At 84, you still can do all the tricks you learned as a puppy, except for roll over since you’ve put on a few pounds. You can bark on command, whether by hand motion, or simply by me asking you to speak to me. You can go and get your ball, and drop it in an instant if I ask for the paper instead. You are unbelievably smart and gorgeous and I know there will never be another dog like you. I love you with all my heart, my gorgeous baby boo, Millaroo, Millie. To me, you are perfect.


  1. Megan Wolf says:

    A beautiful testament to a well loved pup! Very nice, Julie! xoxo

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