Mi Diego, mi Amor

My sweet Diego, the bravest of all. Your mother gave birth to you on a rooftop in Mazatlan. Your brothers and sisters fell to their deaths. Like other roof dogs in Mazatlan, you would have spent your life looking down at the world if not for a wonderful neighbor who rescued you and gave you to me. So many dogs in Mexico spend their lives on roofs ~ people here frequently do not have yards, so they hang their laundry, talk to neighbors and leave their dogs, up on the roof.

Diego, you came to me the size of a Beanie Baby, a buff colored cotton ball with big brown eyes and a black button nose. I was instantly smitten. Now at 10 months, you have grown into a fluffy white Muppet, all legs and neck. You are awkward and gangly and beautiful and twice the size we all thought you would be. Beneath that tender and sweet exterior lies the heart of a bully, but you are learning to be patient and to share my attention with your fur-sister, Moka. I am proud of how far you’ve come and how smart you are. I am honored to be the recipient of so many puppy hugs and kisses. And I am glad, that on a rooftop in Mazatlan you entered my world. Thank you for letting me love you.


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