Dear Madeline “Maddie”, (Wo)men’s Best Friend,

When I first met you, I was coming over to take your photo to see if I could help find you a home. You had been dropped off by the breeder and just left. At the time I had no idea the it was because of your color. I worried it was because you were sickly because you were a little bag of bones. I knew that I couldn’t adopt because I had two senior cats that I figured would never take kindly to a new member of the family, especially a rowdy puppy. But I couldn’t get you out of my mind. It was love at first site.

After a few trial visits, I knew that you were mine. I thank God for that every day. I don’t know how he thought to bring us together but it’s been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. I don’t care if people think that I’m the crazy lady who spoils my dog more than most children because I know you have given me more love, loyalty, and comfort than most will ever realize. People have betrayed me with pride, selfishness, and jealousy but you have taught me what it’s like to have a true friend. I wish people could learn from the example of our dogs. It would be a much better world. You are the biggest goofy ball and make me laugh every day. I love that you are still a lapdog. I love that you love every person and animal that you meet. I love how you know to play more gently with your cat brothers and how not to bother their food. I love crazy time where you jump like a pogo stick. I love how happy you are when you run like the wind. I love your wiggle butt greetings that melt my heart. Your snorts are music to my ears. I think you are the most beautiful thing that’s ever graced this planet. Thank you Maddie for being a Best Friend. My love for you far exceeds words. I love you!


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